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Industrial Innovation YTR200AE Battery-Powered Rotary Drilling Rig

Applications: The YTR200AE battery-powered rotary drill rig is the new innovation used in the foundation industry.

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The revolutionary solution provides incomparable advantages over regular hydraulic drill rigs, with highlighted features as below:
(1)Energy-saving: of up to 50%
(2) High efficiency:
* 100% utilization and transmission of power
* 0 lagging of functional operation
* 40% of reserve capacity
* Most optimized output of speed and torque of rotary head
* Boost of Drilling speed by 100%
(3) Low noise (noise rate less than 72dB(A)): suitable for the urban or night-time construction.
(4) Zero emission, no pollution.
(5) Fast charging: Full charging takes less than 2hrs to power up to 6 working hours
(6)Warranty: 5 years warranty on EIC system.


The YTR200AE drill rig is a battery-powered rig. Unlike other existing electric drill rigs in the market, YTR200AE is the domestic first battery-powered rotary drill rig with rotary head and the main winch run electrically.

Specification of YTR200AE Battery-Powered Rotary Drill Rig

Description               Parameters
Max. drilling diameter



Max. drilling depth

64 (51)m

210 (168)ft

Max. output torque



Rotary motor power



Rotary speed 10.5-30rpm
Battery capacity 200(350)kWh 6.8(11.9) US therm
10%~90% fast-charging time 1-2h
Average power consumption 60-65kWh 2.0-2.2 US therm

Jobsite Application

Jobsite Application
Jobsite Application1

The Battery-Powered Drill Rig Introduced by FES